Asset Management Software

OurAsset Management System allows complete asset life cycle management of organizational assets from purchase to disposal with integration to Vendors/Buyers and with automation of all day-to-day asset operations.

Asset management software Modules

  • Vendor & Vendor product Registrations
  • Requests/Approvals for asset procurement
  • Provision for invoice & purchase order creation
  • Asset document store
  • Asset Configurations
  • Configurations
  • Transfers and Tracking
  • Asset documentation
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Auditing and Projections
  • Identify Unused/De-commissioned /Exchangeable assets
  • Workflow to dispose qualified assets
  • Allow registered vendors to buy-back/exchange of assets
  • Provision for E-Waste Disposal of Schedule I items with Form 2 submission complying to State Pollution Control Board norms(on-request only)
  • Mark Old/Disposed/Broken asset records for soft deletion
  • Allow moving of asset records to offline storage based on retention policies
  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • User records and Organization hierarchies
  • Secured authentication
  • User self-service options for Registration/Password recovery
  • Role based access to asset functions(Organization/Department Level)