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Arkatiss is a leading Chatbot Development Company in India offering professional services within expected timelines and with good customer support. We develop Chatbots of varying complexities that can reach your customers on any platform. Arkatiss is the best chatbot development company in Hyderabad, India delivering best chatbot solutions for enterprises and startups.
A chatbot is an automated online communication platform that allows users to get a quick answer without having to wait or search the website. The performance of chatbot is constantly enhanced by machine learning and training. It makes the company available to customers, employees, and users 24 x 7.
Entity Recognition
Increase the chatbot's understanding and usability by allowing it to extract more information from the same message. 'Sales' is one example of an entity. The chatbot can provide nuanced responses that are tailored to the sales about which the user is inquiring.
Data Retrieval
Enhance your customer experience by integrating it with the database. The chatbot will retrieve the data from your database and present you in the form of aggregation, summary, or detailed report.
Data Entry
The chatbot can be personalized to take data entry. "Claim Forms" is one of the examples of data entry. Therefore, no waiting line, and customers can have 24-hour access to fill the claim form.
App Build
Our chatbot can suggest templates for new application build. Drag and drop controls for quick screen generation and app preview. API search and linkage to screen containers for data retrieval.
Personal Digital Assistance (PDA)
The chatbot can be personalized to work as a virtual personal assistant and will help users by setting reminders.

Build Your Chatbot With Intellobot

If you are looking for a custom chatbot development and designed for a specific task like Sales, Lead Generation, Customer Assistant, Tech Support, Customer relationship managing, HR, Recruitment, Support or Finance we have the right Chatbot AI solutions for you. As the leading chatbot development company in India we, Arkatiss can build innovative chatbot that meets your business requirements.

Our Key Offerings:

Benefits of chatbot development

Why Intellobot ?

Our Chatbot Developers leverage their expertise in building user-centric bot apps backed up by the latest technologies.
We develop chatbot integrated with NLP (Natural Language Processing) that interact and engage users.
Chatbots developed by us deliver to increase product capabilities and also provides a personalized experience to customers
As a specialized Chatbot App Development Company, we are expert in developing simple and best UI that improve user experience.
We build chatbots that handover the conversation to support team when they aren’t able to solve requirement or when a user wants to connect with the support personnel with provided information.
Our custom chatbot development process makes it easier to integrate Third parties APIs.
Below are the industries where chatbot is being used extensively: