Hospital management software

Hospital Management System, is a complete solution that can be deployed and customized for any hospital or health care institution. It is an intuitive, efficient, reliable and transparent system enhancing user experience of ESMs, Polyclinic management staff and also helps SEMO/SEDO in automating pre-configured medicine procurement, approval and delivery processes

CORE Features of HMS:

Online Appointment Application

Online Appointment application is available in both web and mobile platforms which enables ECHS beneficiaries to register (including their dependents) and helps them to book an appointment online, view history of appointment bookings, view empanelled referrals, submit feedback/ grievances and also with provision for rating OIC, doctors and Polyclinic

Polyclinic Management Information System (PCMIS)

PCMIS is web based application that facilitates stakeholders to manage the functioning of the polyclinic which helps by integrating all the functions and information regarding OP booking at reception, patient approvals, referrals, medicine dispensing, lab management, doctors/ medical officer’s management and other polyclinic administration activities. It also has a mobile component for OIC

Online Appointment Application

MIMS helps polyclinics in creation of indent, MMF and also facilitates the demand approval process online. Helps in optimal procurement of medicines where in decision making is supported by information from various Analytics/MIS reports related to medicine demanded via ALC, Monthly and Supplementary indents. It provides real-time monitoring and management of medicine stocks and procurement processes with features like online financial concurrence from CDA

Online Appointment Application

Leveraging information technology, CMS captures data from all the modules (ie. PC MIS, ECHS Appointment app and MIMS app) and collates information facilitating real-time analytics and MIS reports, in order to support higher management for enhanced control, accountability, transparency of operations and clientele satisfaction. It also enables the managerial roles to take data driven decisions

Features in PC Appointment App

  • Registration (including dependents)
  • Online booking across PCs under a RC
  • Empanel referrals
  • Booking history
  • Rating of PC, doctor, OIC and MH
  • Feedback/ grievances submission
  • Manage user approvals, appointments, doctors and referrals
  • Universal search option (patient / appointment / doctors)
  • Reports
  • View appointments and patient referrals
  • View patient history
  • Manage empanelled hospitals
  • Maintain hospital specialization
  • Manage feedback from empanelled hospitals