Request Management System

What is Request management system?

Request management System

provides all departments, including HR, Finance, Marketing/Sales, IT, Compliance, etc. with a self-service portal that allows them to accept and manage a variety of service requests from both internal and external customers. Once requests are received, they are routed based on preset business rules and all activity related to the request is tracked for complete visibility.
  • Efficient way of

    Work management

    is one of best practices of every organization
  • Work can be classified into three major categories – Pre-Execution/Execution and Post-Execution
  • Planning / Execution / Maintenance are the core phases
  • Collaborative way of implementation cuts down integration costs
  • Systems for tracking work along with help of analytics,

    empower management

    with quick and right decision making capabilities
  • Integrated Customer, Vendor, Human Resources and

    Accounting modules

    is a huge value addition with all stake holders data residing at one location and being available for real-time analysis
  • Efficient way of

    Work management

    is one of best practices of every organization

Request Management software Modules:

  • Application Security(SSL/Vulnerability checks)
  • Collaboration (Notifications/Alerts/Discussions/Comments)
  • Document Management

    with custom meta data and search capabilities
  • Auditing (Configure/Record/Review events)
  • Authorizations(Role based access control)
  • Mobility component (Mobile apps at different functional levels)
  • Time management
    (Timesheet integration for time billing)
  • Accounting (Limited to WBS modules)

Module Features

  • Creation/Validation/Assignment of requests
  • Thresholds and Notifications
  • Rejections with feedback
  • Tracking using communication media
  • Forwarding between peers
  • Closure and feedback
  • Monitoring
  • Dashboards/Reports