Pharma Process Management System

Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies are facing challenges in the manufacturing process such as inventory management, order management, customer service, vendor management, Quality control and procurement functions. Our Pharma ERP Software is specially designed for the pharmaceutical industry to hit the challenges. Our pharmaceutical software manages batch creation, including formulation, material acquisition, production, Quality assurance and distribution. It is the fastest and most efficient way to manage, and also provides extensive information about each and every aspect of your business. We developed batch processing, inventory control, Material Requirements Planning, warehouse management modules for managing all drug manufacturing processes. We program procurement and distribution management platforms that support supply chain visibility of materials by seamlessly networking with the tracking systems.
Pharma manufacturing software also handles specific industry needs including process manufacturing and compliance requirements. Pharma manufacturing software able to track the real-time performance for each system in the manufacturing process by providing the proper results for further steps. Custom programs are developed by our engineers to manage and standardizing enterprise-wide pharmaceutical development processes and continuous manufacturing operations. Management of complex formulas and recipes is been solved by this software and also the critical needs of batch processing, including forwarding and backward lot traceability. The fully integrated quality control functions validating the raw materials, and the centralized database provides immediate and accurate availability of raw materials, manufacturing and inventory across your business. You can integrate this software with other third-party systems. We program this software with dynamic process schedules, automation control centers, and secure formula management protocols.
We integrate modules for managing standard operating procedures, complaints, audits, and regulatory documentation. We implement scalable Electronic Batch Records.
Our ERP application set is more comprehensive than any otherERP system available in the market. Manufacturing, Inventory, Quality and Financials are supplemented withWarehouse Management, Compliance, Human Resources and can be customized.

Benefits of ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Industries:

  • Industries can use: Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides
  • Automate, integrates and streamlines entire supply chain operations.
  • Traceability and customized Dashboards
  • Helps micro, macro & small manufacturing industries to streamline their supply chain operations
  • Reduces implementation complexities
  • Established formula management system
  • Reliable lot tracking, tracing and serialization
  • Effective batch sizing and scaling
  • Robust R&D functionality
  • Comprehensive multi-phase project costing
  • Flexible quality control and management
  • Ability to meet all compliance requirements: FDA, cGMP
  • Management of security and audit trails
  • Key industry reporting and analytics
  • Enhance the quality, consistency, and speed to deliver drugs to market
  • Control costs through reduced wastage, optimum material utilization and inventory management
  • Ensure absolute compliance to the stringent regulations
  • Deliver safe products of superior quality at the right price and right time by eliminating risks
  • Time-to-market products
  • Helps take quicker preventive & corrective action
  • Real-time batch monitoring to build accurate business decisions
  • Maintain your formula secrecy
  • Respond quickly to customer demands
  • Smoothen operational process flow and enhance profits
  • End-to-end bi-directional traceability, from the raw material to the finished product

Pharma ERP Modules:

  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Stores
  • Warehouse
  • R&D
  • Production
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Vendor Management
  • HR Management
  • Workflow Integration

Key Features:

  1. Inventory Module

    • Single store
    • Stock Monitoring and threshold alerts at store
    • Internal Stock Transfers
  1. Procurement  Module

    • Store Indent Generation
    • Consolidation of Indents and purchase requisition at the warehouse
    • PO Generations and Approvals
    • Status of Purchase orders, Inventory requests (whether pending, completed or partially fulfilled)
    • Customized reports of Purchases, Inventory, Sales and Accounts.
    • Goods rejections with receipt/credit note
  1. Accounting(Web)

    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • General Ledger
    • P&L and Balance Sheet
  1. HR Management

    • Employee Payroll
    • Employee Attendance
    • Leave Request